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Meet the Web Development Team


Greetings! We are the web development team!

Our team aims to create an accessible website that can deliver TedxAPU's information to a wider audience and support the growth of the event. ( yes! We built the website that you are opening now )

Our team consist of diverse team players from different countries and different level of knowledge in building website. Amidst the diversity, we internally aim to foster collective growth, increase our ability, and most importantly, have fun with building this website! 

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Benigno Areli Siswoko

Head of Web Development

APS, 3rd Year

“Future of humanity on earth and beyond, from an environmental point of view”

If I have a Ted talk speech, I would like to talk about how humanity will progress, and how it will go from an environmental point of view. I would like to talk about how we should also not abandon earth in the future and that we should treat space with respect and leave no pollution out there.

Carl Albin Bjoerklund
Alzae Maliq Feizae Feisol
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Salsabila Nur Amelia
Tore Saether Tennfjord
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