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TEDxAPU 2024


TEDxAPU 2024 is proud to partner with an exceptional lineup of sponsors, each contributing to the event's success in unique and impactful ways.



Real Estate Company
"If you are looking for a rental property or property for sale in Beppu City, please leave it to Betsudaikohsan. At our Beppu head office, we handle rental properties, properties for sale, and income-producing properties from all over Beppu City to Yufu City and Hijimachi. We will help you find the perfect home for you from our extensive property information."


Oita International Business Center
"Presently, more than thirty five hundred international students from 90 countries and regions are living in Oita. We set up this center in 2016 fall with the hope that they become to like Oita more and more and play an active role in Oita after their graduation."


Event Discovery Platform
"Discover and attend the best events, in your city, today.
From discovery, to purchase and check-in, the Peatix app is all you need. Get started today and browse through the most relevant, unique and exciting events happening today."

en world

Recruitment Agency
"Hiring talented individuals and making sure they become established within their roles is absolutely essential for implementing management strategies and raising corporate value. To do that, you need a partner who has a wealth of knowledge and experience when it comes to hiring the right people."

Summer Time Studio

Game Development / Management
Summer Time Studio is in the business of game development and game management. They have created projects such as a Gamer Onsen in Kokonoe, Oita. They run KeMURI which is a project in Beppu that
integrates esports, teams, education, community development, etc. They also hav e-XP,  an esports complex with community areas such as membership gaming, creative, shops, and tournament viewing.
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