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Meet the Marketing Team


The Social Media Marketing Team at TEDxAPU is a dynamic and creative group responsible for promoting TEDx events organized by the Asia Pacific University (APU) community. Comprising talented individuals with a passion for communication and digital engagement, this team leverages various social media platforms to disseminate TEDxAPU's ideas and content to a global audience.

The design division for TEDxAPU is responsible for crafting unique and engaging visuals that speak for the identity of the event. Comprising of creative individuals such as graphic designers, illustrators, and multimedia experts, our role is to translate the TEDx theme and message into compelling promotional materials and interactive elements. 

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Do Nguyen Phuong Nghi

Head of Marketing Department

APM, 2nd Year

“How can we ever feel enough?”

As I navigate through the world's possibilities and complexities, I feel like I'm never going to reach an endpoint. There's too much to care about, to prove oneself and ultimately, to create values. The answer, however, may not lie in the so-called "enough," but in the continuous practice of striving for growth.


Eleanor Vanessa Hayadi

Head of Social Media

APS, 4th Year 

“Step 1 Girlboss: Don’t give a F with people who aren't giving”


As someone who used to be a people pleaser, I struggled to understand the meaning of putting myself first. As I enter my final year, I would love to throw a positively bombastic presentation about self-love, adulting, how to slay, and raising the importance of accepting yourself as a fantastic human being. 


Anya Mahrani

Head of Design

APS, 4th Year

“A Date with Destiny (Yourself): A Guide to Early Twenties Me-Time”. 

In this imaginary speech, I would delve into the absurd world of enjoying one’s own company during the rollercoaster ride that is our early twenties. In navigating the challenges of adulthood, it is important to embrace solitude as not just a means to survive, but to thrive through shaping the chaos and uniqueness that is “you”.

SNS Team

Brey Brianna.jpg
Brey Brianna
Dao Thi Anh Minh
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Kynan Daffa Al Ghifari
Kynan Daffa Al Ghifari.JPG

Design Team

Thiha Kyaw Zin.jpg
Thiha Kyaw Zin
Nan Thiri May
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Samarra - TEDxAPU - Profile Picture.png
Shimpei Kikukawa
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