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Meet the Hospitality team

The hospitality division at TEDxAPU enhances the attendee experience, ensures accessibility, and provides overall support to the speakers and guests. Comprising of 3 teams; Speaker coordinators, Catering, and Stage Design, this group of enthusiastic individuals are responsible for arranging accommodations for speakers, overseeing food and beverage services, and creating a captivating stage that relays the TEDxAPU theme as well as the speakers’ unique ideas. This team will work hard to create a comfortable and hospitable environment for all participants of the TEDxAPU event.

Diya Aluwihare Ratwatte

Head of Hospitality Department

APS, 2nd Year

“Forging and navigating meaningful relationships in the university journey”.


The talk would revolve around fostering healthy and meaningful relationships in the college environment, while using examples and stories to explore the challenges, benefits, and strategies for personal growth and connection in this important phase of life.

Fabian Allen Valensius
Giselle Aurelia Rondonuwu
Heavenly Juanito Belmonte
Luy Lykar
Morales Lorette Muriel Aline
Riku Furukubo
Saho Teramura
To Ngoc Minh Thi
Vo Nhi Truc Quan 
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